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ROOTS OF CAIN is Corina Hall’s first novel, published in 2019.  She started this book in 1995-9 during which time she was attending creative writing classes at evening school.  Writing a book was always one of her goals in life but when she moved house from Loughton in Essex to Chichester in West Sussex the unpublished novel remained in her computer.  Although moving house was for her not the earth shattering experience that some people find, having lived in some fifteen locations in the UK and abroad, the book was put on the back burner whilst she settled down in her new home.

It was not until an opportunity arose to attend a course on book publishing that she decided to resurrect the unfinished novel and complete it.  As soon as she sat again in front of the computer, her imagination took over and she was off.  Her enthusiasm like the imagination for her characters was back and the published Kindle Book and paperback on Amazon are the result.  Publishing a book had always been a lifelong ambition since she was a child.


I cannot express how much I enjoy writing stories and bringing my characters alive.  With only basic scholastic qualifications, my achievements in commerce escalated from that of a shorthand/typist to a middle management role responsible for some forty people in credit control and training, working for probably one of Britain’s largest insurance companies.   This achievement was gained not through scholastic merit but enthusiasm for my job and hard work.

With a husband who served twenty-two years in the Royal Air Force, and three sons, my working career in my early married life was somewhat limited due to moving around.  However, as the children grew up I was able to have a career of my own which I enjoyed.

On a social footing and quite different from my working career was my interest in volunteering for community work within the area in which I lived.  This community work involved joining Lions International and charity fund raising, and working more recently in my local hospital, and as a local Parish Councillor.

The story I wrote is entirely fictitious; Roots of Cain is the story of a woman who has endured physical and mental trauma through her childhood and into adulthood. Old fashioned rules and prejudices were prevalent in her early life and followed her through into womanhood.  We are, what we are through life’s experiences, and Rosemary is a character who has known rejection and loneliness.  But, was she a child murderess, even she does not know the answers?

Having published Roots of Cain, I need another book, some new characters to discover, some new plot to unfold, some new project to entertain me and hopefully others.

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